Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring break.....already!

Hi everyone,

Seems like the semester is going so fast. We are in the midst of week 7 and the semester is nearly half over already! Next week is spring break (March 17-21). There will be no class next week. Hope you enjoy yourselves in whatever you plan to do! My blog entries might be sporadic that week. I am travelling with my children up to Kansas to visit my sisters and brother-in-laws and my sweet 21-month-old nephew! I haven't seen him since last Thanksgiving and they change so fast at this age, as you know!

Many announcements are coming up.....summer schedules after spring break,

bring-a-friend week THE WEEK OF MARCH 31-APRIL 4,

and the biggest news of all....a change of class location starting this summer. I will give you all the details after spring break, so stay tuned! :-)

Hugs to all for making my weeks so bright and filled with good things,


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The Harveys said...

Thank you for the kindness and patience you show toward my children during each class. You're my favorite Kindermusik teacher not only because of your musical gifts but also because of your peaceful spirit. We're lucky to have found you! Christine - Christopher & Savannah's mom