Monday, April 7, 2008

Do you have a 'date night with your husband?' You should!

Finding alone time....does this sound impossible for you and your mate? Something you "used to do", but now your children occupy all your time and you can't seem to enjoy the closeness you once shared? If only I'd known those spontaneous dinners out, those late-night movies, or mornings where I could sleep in as late as I wanted would be part of my dreams after I had children, I'd have appreciated them more!

I found a great article about this and please take it to heart :-). When my children were small, one of the things we did was to trade sitting with a couple next door who had a daughter. Every 2 weeks, we would take turns going out and the other couple would babysit the children. It did wonders for us! (and the kids loved it!). So, there ARE ways to make it happen. And it's more important than you think. It's critical to the long-term happiness of your marriage.


Anonymous said...

Heidi, such a smart post. Justin and I used to have a regular, lovely date night. We weren't out for long, just long enough to be away and be on a date, and it was wonderful. Somehow we let it fade out. Must rekindle! Thank you for the reminder! You keep such a great blog, my friend. - Launa

Colored With Memories said...

A very good reminder! Thanks!