Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nest is full again

My daughter is back from her mission trip to Juarez, Mexico. We went out to dinner after picking her up from church. There was an obvious camaradarie, easy laughter, and closeness between the teens. Secret handshakes between adult leaders and teens when we was cool. What a great trip. She has been non-stop since she saw us, relating everything as fast as the words would come. It is so interesting. There will be a slide show soon, so I can't wait to see all the pictures. In collaboration with Amor Ministries, they built 5 homes in a week's time. Actually 4 days because 2 days were travel, and 2 days were set up/take down of all the tents and supplies.

We've already gotten the dusty laundry sorted and started. I'm sure she will be talking about the trip for a whole week, and I love hearing about it. She has gained so much from this trip, I can tell already. Something is 'different'. In a very good way.

Last week, we were 'kidless' and boy was that a treat for my husband and I. (My son was at his Great Gluten Escape camp in East Texas).....the house was immaculate, things were so....uncomplicated. It's amazing how much goes into these kids!

And's the reality now that the chicks are back in the nest.....

The bathroom they share will be in disarray soon.

There wil be dishes left in their rooms.

There will be chores that need to be assigned and nagged about to get them done.

Mom's taxi service will be up and running again, taking them hither and yon.

More laundry.

More dishes.

More food prep.

Random shoes, books, clothes, games, guitar music, etc. left in places they shouldn't be.


But, I'm so glad they're home!!! :-)

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Colored With Memories said...

Wow, and I was hoping mine would be self sufficient by age 5!

Maybe I should rethink this.

Glad her trip and your "quiet" time went so well.