Monday, July 28, 2008

I am so ready for Oregon

I am leaving with my children for Oregon in 15 days to see my mom, en-laws and husband's siblings....I am so excited. Oregon is where I grew up (Junction City in the Willamette Valley). I am an Oregonian in my heart, never really having truly accepted being a "Texan". It has been 13 years since we left, a very bitter depature for me back then, but one I can look back on now and see all the "reasons". It is good. Still, I do feel a little pain when we visit and leave again.

Before we go, my sister comes to visit Wednesday from Kansas. She'll be staying a week with us and is bringing her little 2 year old son with her.

Summer camps were so fun! I enjoyed them VERY much this year. You are all precious and your children are growing fast.

What are you doing this month? I miss you and am looking forward to fall classes!

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Sis said...

Have FUN!!!! I am so jealous!!