Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why did you choose Kindermusik?

Why Choose Kindermusik?

Parents today have many choices for children's activities. Why do parents choose Kindermusik?

*quality time with your child
*connect with other parents
*singing, dancing & playing instruments is fun
*encourages creativity and exploration
*fosters development in all areas: social, physical, emotional & cognitive
*experienced & nurturing teachers
*small classes with lots of individual attention

Kindermusik believes that parents are a child's first teacher. We also believe that our program should focus on the process vs. performance. Children naturally love music and Kindermusik allows children to be creative and learn by doing. I would love to hear from our KINDERMUSIK with HEIDI parents in the studio and others who have experienced Kindermusik. Why do you choose Kindermusik?


Colored With Memories said...

it not only provides you with the great quality time at class, but a great CD and lots of ideas for further bonding activities with your child at home!

Teresa said...

I am the mother of five. I did not discover Kindermusik until I had my youngest one, when all his siblings were too old to participate. I am so glad I did finally discover it. I see it unlocking parts of his brain that I wish I had been able to do for my other children. Needless to say, I am very happy Heidi and what she offers the children in her classes.