Saturday, September 26, 2009

Importance of repetition

How many times has your child said "again, again, again"? Do they bring you the same book several times a day? Do they want to listen to the same song over & over? Repetition is reassuring to a child. There is security in sameness. Even adults appreciate knowing what to expect. You go to the same restaurant, store, or vacation spot because you are comfortable there. You know what to expect.

This week begins our 6th week of Kindermusik classes, and you have probably noticed that we have done the same activities for several weeks in a row. Adults may tire of the same activity, but by repeating the activities the children become comfortable, and begin to participate. In the January 2004 Parents magazine Susan Brody had the following things to say about repetition:

Repetition fuels your toddler's memory, confidence, motor skills and understanding of the world.

Repetition helps a child feel good about herself because it reminds her of what she can do.

Repetition is one way the toddler can exert some control over his environment. This sense of power is extremely gratifying for someone with such limited control over the big world around her. We will play the sticks, the sandblocks and sing the same song again, but it is good for your child's brain.

Repetition helps prevent brain overload. It's as though the time your child spends repeating familiar tasks allow his brain to take a mini-vacation. Once he's done relaxing, his brain is ready to focus on new learning.

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