Friday, March 19, 2010

Use your senses

Things to see:
robins, flowers (crocii, daffodils, tulips, forsythea), buds on the trees, mud puddles, green grass, sunshine.

Things to hear:
birds chirping, crickets, wind blowing

Things to feel:
Sunshine (warmth), rain, blades of grass (under fingers or toes)

Things to smell:
dirt, flowers, bark on a tree

Things to taste:
Strawberries, lunch on the porch, lemonade

Multi-sensory play is important for children to really tune in to their environment. The experiences that use multiple senses create the most permanent memories. I can feel and smell and see warm mud squishing between my toes, just by thinking about it. There is something wonderful about a sun-warmed strawberry that makes my mouth water before I even taste it. By focusing on the world around them with adults that care for them, the children will also be building cognitive skills (recognizing seasonal changes, patterns etc), language (being able to use words to describe what the see, feel, hear etc) and emotional strength in security and lifetime memories.

Take even five minutes of your day to enjoy the freedom of being outside and exposing your child to it as well.

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