Monday, December 13, 2010

Make a holiday treat bag with meaning

For this treat bag, you will need: Babe Ruth candy bar, Almond Joy candy bar, a candy cane, starburst, gold Hershey's kisses, and chocolate Reisen. Here is a story you can insert in your bag that will tell a story about Jesus.

"God sent His Son to us. He came in the form of a baby (Baby Ruth) and was named Jesus. The angels told of the great joy (Almond Joy) He would bring to all people. The shepherds left their flocks, took their staffs (candy canes) and hurried to worship the One who is our good Shepherd—who would lay down His life for His sheep.

The wise men followed the star (Starburst) to Bethlehem. They brought Jesus gold, (gold Hershey kisses), because He is the King of Kings, frankincense because He is our High Priest, and myrrh because He would die for our sins.

Because God gave us the Greatest Gift, His Son, we can never forget the reason (Chocolate Reisen) for the season, Thank you, God!"

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