Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kindermusik is not just 'entertainment'

Sometimes parents come to class with an expectation the Kindermusik curriculum just can't meet.  They just want one thing:  instruments.  Some may be able to hear what I am saying and come around to realize that they really don't want just instruments. But others are not flexible.  (Thankfully this is extremely rare, though). 

What I do is validate their interest in instrument exploration, but I would also make sure that they understand that movement (dancing), fine motor work (finger plays), communication skills (vocal play), patterning for the brain (singing songs in different forms; ABACA, etc.) and book reading (etc) are what truly make for a well rounded class. Kindermusik puts it all together and that's what makes it unique and irreplaceable in their development. Yes, kids are drawn to instruments, but 45 minutes of just instruments will eventually become boring and it won't make a well rounded education, it will just be entertainment. Kindermusik is NOT just for entertainment.  And I love that about Kindermusik. 

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