Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Great time to connect

  • Sitting down at the table together for dinner is one of my favorite times to converse with my children. Sometimes the most simple questions start the most amazing conversations. Granted, I don't have ones in high chairs any longer and they can feed themselves now, but even with young ones, maybe preschool and up, consider these great conversation starters:
1. What was the best thing that happened in your day today?
2. Name one new thing that you learned today?
3. What did you do today to help someone else?
4. How did you make the world a better place today?
5. What was the funniest thing that happened to you today?
6. What thing did you do today that you are most proud of?
7. What are you thankful for today?
8. What did you do to improve yourself today?
9. What do you want to accomplish tomorrow?
10. What can you do to make someone else's day brighter tomorrow?

Other websites I found to be helpful in starting conversations are here and here. The latter also has GREAT ideas for how to bring little ones into the kitchen to help with mealtime prep.

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