Friday, January 25, 2008

Parachute gown

This little story is from a Kindermusik teacher named Barb from Indiana. She posted this message on our Yahoo group. I thought I would share it with you.

"After I posted my questions a week or so ago about parachutes, I mentioned to my mother that I was ordering a parachute. That immediately triggered a sweet memory for her. Right after World War II, my mother's mother got hold of a beautiful white silk parachute. It was probably a surplus. Her husband, my grandfather, was in the army. She loved the fabric and used her creative talents to make an evening gown out of it! My grandmother died not long after that at a young age. My mother was only 17 years old when her mother died so I never knew her. But I love knowing about my elegant grandmother wearing a lovely white silk evening gown made out of a parachute."

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Anonymous said...

Love it, love it. I didn't notice that story on the Loop. Where did you get that wonderful photo?!?
Love, Launa