Monday, February 11, 2008

Body and Mind

The area of the brain that deals with cognitive thought is activated through movement and can literally turn your child's mind on. For example, when you whirl in one direction, followed by whirling in the opposite direcion, your baby's neural pathways actually develop due to the experience, stimulation, and interaction.

Your baby: Put on a favorite piece of music and pick up your baby. While holding him or her, place one foot in front of the other and rock from front to back, balancing most of your weight on one leg at a time. Swoop and swirl and swing your baby high and low in response to the music.

Your toddler: The world of a toddler is a very physical place, and your child will learn a new word more easily when you say the word and perform the action, such as saying the word jump when you jump, swoop, slide, glide, hop, or run.

Your preschooler: Encourage your preschooler's creativity with music, when you play a song and ask him to dance a different way to each verse and chorus.

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