Friday, February 22, 2008

Here's to your health

There has been a wave of illness in the can be tough with a sick little one to look after (not to mention being a sick parent - there should be a law that says that should never happen!). I thought you would enjoy some comic relief. Click on image to enlarge.


Just Us Gibsons said...

So true. I sometimes enjoy Lily's feverish moments as a rare chance to snuggle quietly with her!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what the other commenter said is so true! A friend of mine once said that she's almost sorry that kids don't have chicken pox or measles anymore, as that used to be when great snuggly memories were made, and many quiet, delicate projects undertaken, like going through everything in an old treasure box, item by item.
Love to you, Heidi, Launa