Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To my students and most of all my dear piano students who bring me such joy....

Feeling this filling heart,
hoping that you, my children,
will know that I
had a poem for you.
But it left me and is lost
and, my tears fall.
Silly, I know.
but it rhymed just right.
Ah, but here’s the thing
I hope for you ~
Sounds to know
rhythms to perk up your ears
and senses.
And if you can play,
play with all your heart.
It can be simple or elaborate.
Just play.
Play because God put it there.
Music is a gift, never forget.
Pass it on.
You will always be a blessing.
And if you’re lucky,
you will be able to look at the listeners
and see a tear in their eye.
And they will tell you
It was a thing
Of joy. 

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