Monday, January 28, 2013

Top 10 skills children learn from the arts

 What a good article on the benefits your child reaps from the arts!   Read the article HERE.

I like how this reader puts it:  "This article is not asking college students choose a career in the arts, it is asking education systems for K-12 to incorporate the arts as an important part of a holistic approach to education. Creativity, confidence, focus....all of these skills are incredibly important in EVERY vocation. How can a scientist CREATE the next break through in the medical field if they can't think outside of the box? How can a doctor have good bedside manor if they can't EXPRESS empathy for their patients? How can a lawyer command a courtroom without CONFIDENCE and excellent speaking and PERFORMING skills? There is a huge problem in our current education system where we ask children to sponge and recite information, but do not teach them how to have their own ideas. How do you teach INNOVATION? With the arts".   And then call me and enroll your child in Kindermusik with Heidi!  A good beginning never ends!  

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