Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just live

Sometimes it moves pretty quick.  When you don't have time to think.  React.  Remember days when all you had was time.  Time to reflect.  Now.  Now is for living.

Just live.

Wake up, tie your boots on and get out in it.  Smell it, feel it.  Roll down the windows so you can hear it.  Listen.  Make some noise so you can be part of it.  Put your hands in it.  Deep.  Pick it up and toss it around.  Break it open against the ground.  Flip it over.  Drink it up.  Let it spill. Touch.

Take the time to do that.

Take the effort to throw it a mile high and kick it when it comes down.  Hug it and don't let it go.  Stare at it.  Clench your fists and yell it.  Raise your arms to celebrate it.  Hold its hand and dance.  Close your eyes and take a chance.  Make it happen.

Crawl through it on your hands and knees.  Surrender.  Defy.  Rebel.  Let it break you down.  Get up with it.  Run with it until your legs give out and you can't breathe or move or shout.  Encircle it.  Let it in.  Float in it.  Spin....Smile.  Ride.   Stack it up into the sky.  Burn it down to feel the heat.  Chase it down a city street.

Tell it jokes until you cry. Cry with it.  Cry with it until you smile.  Laugh with it for awhile.

Make it pretty.  Give it away.  Cover it with mud.  Let it stay.

Race it to the edges of the Earth.  Jump with it.  Fly above.

Dream about it.

Shower it with love.  Protect it.

Never.  Ever.  Forget it.

Don't forget it.

(Note to Self)

This is it. 

~P. Soule

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