Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kindermusik Grad Fiesta

We had a wonderful Fiesta tonight in my home with 11 adults, 10 kids and LOTS of Mexican food! We had a potluck and everyone brought lots of food. The counters were covered with dishes of wonderful enchiladas, burritos, and side dishes of all kinds. All Mexican. All yummy. Especially yummy were the lemon bars made by a Kindermusik Dad. He keeps the recipe secret because he sells them on the side! I'm telling you, they are GOOD. It was a fun night of hearty laughter, getting to know the Kindermusik dads, and enjoying eachother's company. The kids were all running around out back in the beautiful evening weather.

I am definitely going to make this an annual event.

Although... it was bittersweet that Kindermusik Young Child IV is really over. I was a little sad when cleaning up after everyone left.

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